Embracing the World is 1st NGO to Complete Homes for Victims of Karnataka Floods

In 2009, the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were ravaged by unprecedented rainfall. The resulting floods destroyed millions of acres of crops and displaced 2.5 million people.

In October 2009, ETW pledged $10.7 million (Rs. 50 crores) in relief work for the flood victims. As part of this package, food, clothing, bedsheets, blankets and satellite-supported specialized medical care were immediately provided, with a team of 12 doctors and dozens of paramedical assistants making regular rounds through the refugee camps and affected communities, treating more than 500 patients a day.

On 17 February 2010, just 20 days after entering into an agreement with the Government of Karnataka to provide new homes for displaced flood victims there, ETW had already completed 100 of 2,000 pledged homes. ETW was the first nongovernmental organization to complete homes for the victims of this disaster. The Chief Minister expressed hope that ETW’s rapid progress would inspire other organizations to move quickly in their relief efforts.

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